Fire Terminology

Daftar istilah dalam dunia pemadam kebakaran.

Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting [ARFF]

Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting adalah regu pemadam kebakaran khusus yang bertugas di darat sebagai regu aksi cepat tanggap, menganalisa resiko bahaya, evakuasi dan kemungkinan penyelamatan penumpang dan awak pesawat. -Referensi

Twin-agent Fire Extinguishing System [TAFES]

A Twin-agent Fire Extinguishing System [TAFES] incorporates the benefits of dry chemical and foam (AFFF or CAFS). Most commonly used for ARFF operations and in industrial areas with high class B hazards.

The dry chemical usually Purple-K [and in some applications ABC Dry Chemical] knocks down the fire rapidly, while the foam secures the hazard by laying a vapor-suppressing blanket on the fuel and helping to cool the fuel in skin fires. In pressurized gas fires the foam is applied to extinguish the fuel fires around the blowout and cool heated metal. The Purple-K stream is then discharged into the blowout to "snuff" it out.

These systems can be mounted on vehicles, skid mounts or permanent stations. Application is from twin hose lines connected together at the nozzle, one flows the dry chemical agent and the other foam. Twin agent systems are also used in fixed nozzles off vehicles [i.e. ARFF vehicles] or ground mounted monitors in high hazard locations in facilities storing or producing flammable liquids. -Referensi

Foam Terminologi


Foam adalah

Foam Solution

Foam Solution adalah

Foam Proportions

Foam Proportions adalah

Finished Foam

Finished Foam adalah

Daftar Singkatan

NFPA: National Fire Protection Association.

ARFF: Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting.

AFFF: Aqueous Film Forming Foam.

DCP: Dry Chemical Powder

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